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The costs of legal work are based on the provisions of the Lawyers' Remuneration Act (RVG). Instead of the statutory remuneration, a fee agreement may also be concluded as a flat rate or at a specific hourly rate. The fee agreement will be discussed with you individually and concluded in writing.


An initial consultation serves to clarify your individual case and discuss the next steps. The initial consultation costs are a maximum of EUR 190 plus 19% tax. Should you subsequently retain me in the same matter, the costs of the initial consultation will be offset against the fees.


If your income is low, you can apply for consultation and legal aid. For this purpose, please contact the legal application office at the local court of your place of residence and apply for a consultation certificate (Beratungsschein). If you have been issued a consultation certificate, you are then only required to pay EUR 15 for the initial consultation. Please apply for the consultation aid certificate BEFORE the initial consultation.


During legal proceedings, you can apply for legal aid or procedural aid, depending on your income. The competent court then decides on this.


If you have legal protection insurance, please check whether this covers the costs of a consultation or representation. It may be possible to settle my fee directly with the insurance company.

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